Council Plan

On Tuesday (08.12.20) the Executive Board will be asked to recommend that Council approve the proposed Council Plan 2020-23.

The Plan sets out six priority areas to concentrate on:

  • Developing the Economy
  • Ensuring Everyone is Safe
  • Ensuring a Modern and Resilient Council
  • Improving the Environment
  • Improving Secondary Education
  • Promoting Good Health & Well-being (with a focus on improving children’s services)

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Each priority area will have it’s own Board to drive it forward to make sure that it delivers and the Executive Board will receive regular updates on progress.

The Plan has a clear vision of the Wrexham it aims to deliver in the future:

“……. all the people that live here are supported to fulfil their potential, prosper and achieve a high standard of well-being. We will be a strong and inclusive community leader to help make this happen.”

The Plan also acknowledges that the priorities have been revisited in light of the global pandemic but all the priority areas are relevant and will help take Wrexham through to 2023.These areas were first set out in the 2019-22 Plan and have been developed since that time.

If approved by Executive Board the Council Plan will be considered by Council later in December.

Consultation on the plan has taken place and you can find the results of these here

The Leader of the Council will present the report on Tuesday 8 December. You will be able to watch the meeting live on our webcast from 10am. (

You can see the full report here

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