This week in Wrexham

There’s more improvement here in Wrexham this week and there has been a further drop in number of Covid-19 positive cases.

But, as in previous weeks, we need to keep our eye on the ball and remember that all of Wales remains at the highest alert level 4 which means there is still a very high risk.


The latest 7-day rate per 100k is half what is was a week ago, as is positivity.
Hospital admissions and deaths due to Covid-19 are continuing to fall, which is further good news.

Easing of lockdown restrictions

We are seeing the first easing of level 4 lockdown restrictions as primary and older secondary children have returned to school.

Some secondary schools have been able to provide check-in session for years 7, 8 and 9 prior to Easter.

All pupils should be back to face to face teaching after Easter and we again thank everyone for their fantastic support for home schooling.

We continue to ask all parents and carers to follow all the guidelines in order to ensure that school bubbles remain safe.

Return to school for secondary pupils: Face masks and Lateral Flow Device Testing (LFD)

Hairdressers and barbers have re-opened for appointments and we have no reported problems. Officers will be checking with premises to make sure they are operating safely and will offer any guidance that’s needed.

Don’t forget your mask:

From Monday some non-essential shops and garden centres will reopen.

Country Parks

In line with the message to stay local we will be opening our country park car parks at the weekend. We know many of you have missed visiting them due to the restrictions, but please remember to follow the guidelines and stay 2m apart from other park visitors.

Critical Services

We continue to provide critical services as publicised on our website and many other services too. Council buildings including Housing Estate Offices remain closed to the public at this moment in time.

Those who are shielding

Shielding measures will be paused from 31 March for those who are currently shielding but please remember to keep safe after that date.

Vaccination update

More than 330,000 doses have been administered in North Wales with more than 50,000 in Wrexham, a significant increase compared to 270,000 and 42,000, respectively, last week.

Vaccine rollout continues through the Mass and Local Vaccination Centres and GP practices.

People aged 65 or above, those aged 16 to 65 with clinical conditions and health and social care workers (Priority Groups 1 to 6) who have not yet had an appointment for their first dose should contact the booking centre on 03000 840004 (8am – 6pm Monday to Friday and 9am – 1pm at weekends).

The vaccination programme is on course to meet the 5 April target of inviting all people in Priority Group 1 to 9 to have their first vaccination:

  • People aged 60+ (Priority Group 7), will be invited to book an appointment by 22nd March
  • People aged 55+ (Priority Group 8), will be invited to book an appointment by 29th March
  • People aged 50+ (Priority Group 9), will be invited to book an appointment by 5th April
  • The rest of the adult population (Priority Group 10) will be invited to book an appointment by the end of July, though it is possible that this date will be brought forward.

There’s been lots of reports around the delay of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccinations coming from India, but this will not affect anyone who already has an appointment.

As we go forward the impact is being assessed, but Welsh Government has indicated it is still hopeful of achieving its targets by July.

Vaccination appointments – do’s and don’ts

A lot of people are working hard to deliver the programme in Wrexham. Here are some things you can do to help.

  • Don’t phone the NHS or your GP to ask for a vaccination appointment (unless you’ve been advised to). When it’s your turn, they’ll contact you.
  • Many of us don’t answer our phones if we don’t recognise the number. However, if you’re in one of the groups currently being vaccinated, the NHS might try to call you if a short notice appointment becomes available.
  • If you receive an invitation for an appointment but don’t want to be vaccinated, please let the NHS know so it can be offered to someone else.
  • When you attend your appointment, stick to social distancing, don’t arrive early and bring a face mask. You should also bring photo ID.
  • You’ll be invited to receive your second dose within 12 weeks of your first. When you receive your second letter, please book your second appointment as soon as possible.

You can read more about the vaccination programme in North Wales on the local NHS health board website.

Remember…vaccination is free

You’ll never be asked to ‘sign up’ or pay to be vaccinated, or asked to give your bank details or passwords.

When it’s your turn, you’ll be contacted by the NHS or your GP.

If you have symptoms…

If you have coronavirus symptoms, make sure you self-isolate and get a test.

It could be the most important thing you ever do.

Read more on the Welsh Government website.

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