Covid-19 briefing note

Now the firebreak is over, Welsh Government is asking us to think about what we should do…not what we can do.

In other words, just because something is within the rules, it doesn’t mean we should do it…especially if we don’t really need to.

So before you jump in the car to go somewhere, or arrange to meet with someone, ask yourself if you should…not just if you can.

It’s all about limiting how many people we come into contact with, and how often. If we do that – and stick to social distancing – we’ve got a better chance of avoiding the need for another lockdown.

And we have a better chance of being able to see the people we love this Christmas.

You can find full guidance on what you can and can’t do on the Welsh Government website…but think about what you should do as well.

Think about what you should do

Coronavirus where you live

Although the virus appears to be levelling out in Wrexham as a whole in recent days, we still have the highest rates in North Wales.

And there are still ‘hotspots’ within the county borough…communities where the virus seems to be particularly high.

You can see coronavirus levels in your area on the Public Health Wales dashboard (click on the tab called ‘Cases by MSOA’ and select ‘Wrexham’ in the ‘local authority’ dropdown box on the right).

Whatever the figures are for where you live, please social distance…and help keep your community safe. Remember…because your community may have low numbers now, that doesn’t mean they won’t rise quickly, as they did in the autumn.

Bubble restrictions in Wales

Light at the end of the tunnel?

News that the UK seems to be edging closer to a vaccine has given us all a much-needed boost, and it feels like there’s a small light at the end of the tunnel.

We all know that the fight against Covid-19 isn’t over. Not by a long shot.

But if we can all stay on our game, keep the virus down in every part of Wrexham and help avoid the need for another lockdown, we will be in a good position when the vaccine becomes available.

You can read the latest update on the vaccine on the Welsh Government website.

Protect the people you love. Download the Covid-19 NHS app.

What’s opening in Wrexham?

Tŷ Pawb galleries

The art galleries at Tŷ Pawb will start to re-open on a phased basis from Wednesday, November 18.

This will be the first time they’ve been open since the start of the pandemic.

Visitors will need to wear face-masks (the same as in shops and other indoor public spaces) will be asked to stick to social distancing at all times.

Football pitches

In line with the return to grassroots football, our football pitches are due to re-open on a phased basis from Friday, November 21.


Wrexham Council set to reopen football pitches

Other services and facilities

Read last week’s briefing note for other local services and facilities that have reopened after the recent firebreak lockdown.

Other important info

Use the right school bus

If your child uses school transport, it’s really important they use the right bus.

For track and trace purposes, we need to make sure pupils travel on their allocated route…in case there’s a need to contact them to isolate.

So please…only let your children travel on the bus route they’ve been allocated, which is shown on their bus pass.

Passes should also be available for inspection by the driver.

Happy and safe Diwali

Tomorrow (Saturday, November 14) is Diwali – the Hindu Festival of Lights.

Even though celebrations might be very different this year due to coronavirus and the need to social distance, we’d like to wish everyone in our Hindu community a happy and safe Diwali.

Download the Covid-19 NHS app…and help keep Wrexham safe this autumn.