Covid-19 briefing note

We’ve all been through a lot, but things are getting better.

Infection rates continue to fall across Wrexham as a whole, and although the drop has slowed in recent days, we can see how lockdown has helped us get on top again.

Pressure on the NHS has eased a little, and with the vaccination programme continuing to rollout, things are definitely improving.

But (and you know there’s always a ‘but’ with this virus)…

If we relax too soon, or start ignoring lockdown rules at the first hint of spring, we’ll be back to square one.

And it’s worth noting that some parts of the county borough have seen small increases in recent days.

Think of it like a football match. There’s 20 minutes to go and we’re one-nil up, but if we stop trying now and stop working as a team, we could still lose the game.

Keep giving it your best, and stick to the rules.

Stay strong

Coronavirus levels where you live

Wrexham as a whole is now fourth in Wales, with 65 per 100k population on a seven-day rolling basis.

That’s worse than last week, but a big improvement considering we were the worst in Wales for much of January and February.

Virus levels in most parts of the county borough continue to fall, although some areas have got slightly worse this week, including:

  • Hermitage and Whitegate – 103 per 100k (compared to 57 last week).
  • New Broughton and Bryn Cefn – 103 per 100k (compared to 64 last week).
  • Cefn Mawr – 76 per 100k (compared to 33 last week).
  • Ruabon and Marchwiel – 75 per 100k (compared to less than 31 last week).

Only four areas have more than 100 cases per 100k:

  • Borras and Rhosnesni – 124 per 100k (same as last week).
  • Gwersyllt West and Summerhill – 118 per 100k (same as last week).
  • Hermitage and Whitegate – 103 per 100k population (compared to 57 last week).
  • New Broughton and Bryn Cefn – 103 per 100k population (compared to 64 last week).

If you want to check the figures where you live, visit the Public Health Wales data dashboard and click on the ‘MSOA’ tab.

The virus is still mainly spreading in households between family members.

Vaccination update

So far, more than 257,000 doses have been administered in North Wales, with nearly 40,000 in Wrexham.

The vaccination programme continues to rollout, with the focus on people aged 65 to 69 at the moment.

Vaccine supplies across the nation have dipped a little due to production levels recently, but are expected to pick up very significantly from next week.

GP surgeries in North Wales that have vaccinated 80 per cent of their patients aged 65 to 69 will now begin offering doses to people aged 16 to 64 with underlying health conditions.

Vaccination appointments – do’s and don’ts

A lot of people are working hard to deliver the programme in Wrexham. Here are some things you can do to help.

  • Don’t phone the NHS or your GP to ask for a vaccination appointment (unless you’ve been advised to). When it’s your turn, they’ll contact you.
  • Many of us don’t answer our phones if we don’t recognise the number. However, if you’re in one of the groups currently being vaccinated, the NHS might try to call you if a short notice appointment becomes available.
  • If you receive an invitation for an appointment but don’t want to be vaccinated, please let the NHS know so it can be offered to someone else.
  • When you attend your appointment, stick to social distancing, don’t arrive early and bring a face mask. You should also bring photo ID.

You can read more about the vaccination programme in North Wales on the local NHS health board website.

Remember…vaccination is free

There are people out there who might try to scam you.

Remember…you’ll never be asked to ‘sign up’ or pay to be vaccinated, or asked to give your bank details or passwords.
When it’s your turn, you’ll be contacted by the NHS or your GP.

Schools update

Schools across Wrexham continue to plan and prepare, as more children gradually return to the classroom.

Foundation phase pupils (nursery, reception, years 1 and 2) have been gradually returning since February 25 (a few days after other parts of Wales where coronavirus levels were much lower).

Since then, things have improved significantly across the country, and Welsh Government has confirmed that more children will be able to return from March 15.

Here’s a reminder…

Key return dates

  • All other primary school children (years 3,4,5 and 6) will be back in school by March 15.
  • Secondary pupils in years 11 and 13 (exam years) will also be back on March 15, along with some pupils in years 10 and 12 who are taking exams.
  • All secondary pupils will be back in school full-time from April 12 (after the Easter holidays).
  • Schools may be able to offer a check-in session for years 7,8 and 9 prior to Easter. If this is the case, your school will be in touch with details.

When do schools go back in Wrexham? Here’s a reminder…

Keep your guard up

Act as if you – and everyone you meet – might have Covid-19.

Stick to the current restrictions in Wales and:

  • Don’t mix with people from other households – although up to four people from two different households can exercise outdoors together.
  • Don’t travel except for essential purposes…such as work, health reasons or caring duties.
  • Start and finish exercise at home. As the weather improves, please don’t be tempted to drive somewhere to exercise. The car parks in our country parks remain closed.

If you have symptoms…

If you have coronavirus symptoms, make sure you self-isolate and get a test.

It could be the most important thing you ever do.

Read more on the Welsh Government website.

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