Wrexham Council will reopen its public buildings on Monday, March 21 as Wales continues to emerge from the coronavirus pandemic.

Some buildings – such as libraries, community resource centres and Ty Pawb – have been open to customers for some time, but others have remained closed while the pandemic was more severe.

Buildings that will reopen to the public on March 21 include the Guildhall reception area, and local housing estate offices.

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Contact Wrexham

Contact Wrexham – the council’s customer contact centre on Lord Street – has been open for appointments since last year.

However, the centre will resume full face-to-face services for customers next week – including walk-in enquiries (note appointments will still be needed for more complex enquiries).

But before you make the journey, remember that all of the council’s public telephone numbers can be found on our website and a number of services are also available online.

In fact, accessing services online is usually the quickest and easiest option for customers.

Learning to live with the virus

Ian Bancroft, Chief Executive of Wrexham Council, says:

“Although Covid-19 hasn’t gone away, we’re in a much better place now thanks to high vaccination rates and immunity in the population.

“Like the rest of Wales and the UK, it feels like we’re now moving out of the emergency phase of the pandemic and into a phase where we’re learning to manage and live with the virus.

“As a result, any public buildings or face-to-face points of access that still haven’t opened yet, will reopen on March 21.

“This also reflects the continued easing of Covid restrictions across Wales.”

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