Are you looking to redevelop a property?

Maybe it’s your family home. Or maybe it’s a property which you’ve inherited and are now looking to sell on or rent out.

If so, read on…


Through partnership with the Welsh Government, we can make loans of up to £25,000 per self-contained unit available to those looking to redevelop their properties.

The loans are available to any owner occupiers – there’s no special criteria you or your property has to satisfy; though our officers will need to speak to you first to make sure you’re eligible.

The loan scheme is available throughout the county borough, with more funds available for properties in Wrexham town centre.

Some of the properties we’ve been able to update or bring back into use through loan schemes include a recent successful partnership between ourselves and local property developer and war veteran Shaun Stocker, which lead to the demolition and rebuilding of a former “eyesore” building in the town centre.

Know of an empty building?

As well as making use of the loans, we also want people to let us know of any long-term empty properties in your communities.

Getting empty properties back into use can take a lot of time and work, but it can be done – as seen last year when we helped to bring some long-empty homes in Ruabon back into use as much-needed social housing.

Cllr David Griffiths, Lead Member for Housing, said: “We know there are lots of people out there who might be keen to improve or update their property, either for resale or just general improvement.

“While applicants will have to be eligible in order to receive the loan, there is no especial criteria and we’re keen to hear from anyone who is looking to redevelop a privately owned property.

“We also know that empty buildings are an especial concern for residents, especially for those who live in areas of the town centre, and reporting them to us can often be the first step towards their eventual redevelopment.

“In some cases, reports have led to buildings which would otherwise have escaped our attention being redeveloped and brought back into good use.”

If you’re interested in seeing whether or not you’re eligible for the loan scheme, or if you want to report an empty property, get in touch with the team.

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