It’s well-known that tourism spending in Wrexham is on the up.

We’ve partnered with a town centre business providing accommodation to visitors in order to help them carry out a major expansion to their premises.

We’ve provided a loan to The Lemon Tree, Rhosddu Road, to help them fund part of upcoming planned works to build a new extension to their current premises, providing seven new rooms.


The scheme has come about thanks to the Welsh Government’s Town Centre Improvement loan scheme.

The work will begin later this year, and will be complete by the spring of 2020.

Sam Regan, owner of The Lemon Tree, said: “In recent years, the visitor spend in Wrexham has increased significantly, and there is greater demand for accommodation spaces in the town centre.

“At present, we can provide 12 beds, but see fairly consistent demand for accommodation throughout the year. This work will allow us to add seven new bedrooms and expand our business further.

“We’ve been keen to expand the provision of our accommodation offer for some time, but given the scale of the work required, we wouldn’t have been able to raise the capital as a private business, and could only have done so with outside support.

“As such, I’m very grateful to Wrexham Council for the support they’ve provided in the form of the Welsh Government’s Town Centre Improvement loan – this will allow us to carry out much-needed expansion work.”

Sion Wynne, Housing Partnership Officer, said: “This will be the first loan of its kind that we’ve been able to provide, and likely one of the largest loans we’ve ever provided – so it’s fantastic that we’ve been able to provide it to a business like The Lemon Tree.

“The Lemon Tree is right in the heart of Wrexham, and is very well-known in the town as a local business – we’re very pleased that this loan will be able to support and enhance the town centre economy directly.

“And, moreover, the materials and labour supplied for this work will also come from local firms and contractors – that’s a further boost for the local economy outside of the direct expansion of The Lemon Tree.”

Cllr Terry Evans, Lead Member for Economic Performance and Regeneration, said “I’m very pleased that we’ve been able to support The Lemon Tree with this loan, and would encourage any businesses considering expansion work to get in touch with our Housing and Economy Department.

“There will be criteria that would need to be satisfied in respect of any loan, but we would encourage businesses to discuss their options with us and see what sort of support is available.”

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