Face Coverings

The answer to this question is yes you do in all indoor public places and here’s the direct guidance from Welsh Government who made it mandatory from last Monday:

“Face coverings will be required in all indoor public places, for both customers and staff working in indoor public areas.

“This includes a very wide range of locations, such as shops and shopping centres, places of worship, hairdressers and salons, cinemas and museums, gyms and leisure centres, and anywhere that is open to members of the public.

“The only indoor public areas where face coverings will not be required are where you are inside a place to eat or drink, for example, cafés, restaurants and pubs.

“But where food and drink only is being served for consumption in part of the premises – for example, a café which also offers take away services – you will need to wear a face covering in the parts of the premises where people are not eating or drinking.”

The message is clear and means that none of us should now be going out without a face covering ready to put on as it’s very  likely you will need to use it.

There’s full guidance on the Welsh Government website and we strongly advise you to read it. Don’t take advice from unofficial sources if you are uncertain – check out the official guidance.

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