Gas barbecue

Do you have a refillable bottle of gas to use with a barbecue, camping stove or similar?

Lots of people have these at home for various reasons, but care must be exercised when storing, handling or using bottled gas.

Wrexham Council’s Trading Standards officers are currently investigating an incident involving a gas bottle in the back garden of a home in Wrexham.

A 10kg bottle of gas connected to a barbecue ruptured, causing immediate escape of the gas from the bottle.

Although the gas did not ignite (the barbecue was not in use at the time), the force of the escaping gas was enough to send the bottle and the attached barbecue across the garden and through a fence. No one was present at the time and no one was injured.

Urgent investigations continue into the cause of the failure and to identify if there is any cause for concern that there are any further suspect bottles in circulation.

In the meantime, Trading Standards are warning residents to ensure they are storing and using bottled gas safely.

  • Store gas bottles outdoors (not in the garage). If that’s not possible keep them somewhere that is well ventilated.
  • Keep them away from building entry/exit points.
  • Store bottles well away from any source of heat or ignition.
  • Store them upright and secured against falling over.
  • Do not store in basements or cellars.
  • In hot weather, store them in the shade out of direct sunlight.

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