A popular grant-funding scheme is still operating and calling for people to apply for funding to help vulnerable or isolated people in their local communities during these unprecedented times whilst isolating/ shielding.

The Community Inclusion Grant was created in 2012 to improve the lives of older people living in Wrexham. Due to the current pandemic restrictions there are a number of elderly and vulnerable people in communities across Wrexham who continue to feel even more lonely and isolated during the pandemic.


A number of IPads were purchased out of the grant to support those who were identified as being at risk of isolating even further and being cut off from those who matter the most and a number of IPads have also been delivered to people in the community living with dementia. The iPads are a lifeline for them to contact friends and family and make them feel more connected at, what could be, a very isolating time.

Thanks to the grant, libraries in Wrexham have also been able to give out iPads to people in the community who usually use the library services but due to the current closure and restrictions and a lack of technology at home, have been unable to access the digital offer.

Vicky, Library assistant said, “I have had a lovely text from one of our library users to say she has already used the iPad to download E-Audio books, E-books and E-magazines.  The individual didn’t know that all of these were available for free from the library and told me that although they were in possession of a laptop, it was very cumbersome and only used it for online shopping, the iPad has opened up a whole new avenue of entertainment and opportunities.

“She cannot believe that she has been so lucky to be given an IPad and said immediately that she has been so bored and fed up and disinterested in everything at the moment, and had not been out of her flat since 13th March because of her health issues. The lady was so excited when I gave it to her and couldn’t wait to have a go, I have felt like Father Christmas giving them out.”

The panel usually meets four times a year to discuss applications. However, to ensure they continue to provide the grants the team are meeting virtually to discuss them.

So far, the grant has supported an application to help the Portuguese community in Wrexham to remain connected whilst social isolating  and to help with online food shopping for people who may not have access to laptops/PCs or the internet. They have also provided grant funding to help the Penley lunch club to extend its provision as the demand for the provision of lunch from the Penley Rainbow centre has increased and they needed help to provide more food hot pots as well as support for the volunteers who deliver the food to the surrounding areas. The grant means that they can now extend the area in which the deliver to.

Cllr Joan Lowe, Lead Member for Adult Social Care said, “This is a fantastic opportunity for community groups or individuals to receive funding to help them to run their projects or make their ideas a reality. It is especially important during the current crisis for us all to look out for each other and this grant focuses on those in our community who may be at most risk of loneliness or isolation. I would like to encourage any group or individual with an idea to get in touch with the team to discuss the funding further.”

Do you have an idea or need some extra financial help to deliver a project which will help the elderly and vulnerable who may be isolated in your community, especially during this difficult time

Funding, in the range of £200 – £2,500, is available to support the establishment and/or the sustainability of community-based activities that reduce social isolation and loneliness (with a focus on rural areas), by supporting people to retain or regain social connections and enable people to participate in their local community.

Re-connecting isolated and lonely individuals not only has a positive impact on the lives of older and vulnerable adults in terms of their health and emotional well-being, but it also supports the community by gaining access to their economic and social capital.

For more information, criteria and an application form please contact the team using the details below:

Contact the team

Application forms can be requested by email or by telephone.

Contact the commissioning team on: 01978 292066 for an informal chat or more information.

Application forms and guidance notes are available by email to:

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