Young Wrexham is an interactive website for all young people aged 11-25 who live, work or study in the Wrexham area. The website has a wide range of information and advice on issues that young people face on a daily basis.

The website covers topics such as:

    • Drink, drugs and smoking
    • Education
    • Health and relationships
    • Housing and accommodation
    • LGBT+
    • Mental Health
    • Money
    • Travel
    • Work and training
    • Internet safety

      Get Involved – Contribute!

      Any budding writers are being encouraged to write articles and content for the website. The site is a great resource for anyone aged 11-25 and youth workers from the Info Shop are calling for more young people to write content for their peers on topics that are interesting and relevant for their age group.

      A problem shared…

      Not only can young people access information on the website they can also submit a question or a problem via Ask Wrex. Problems or questions can be uploaded and shared among the Young Wrexham community.  Names can be removed on more serious questions to make it more confidential. There may be people within the community that have been through similar situations and may be able to help. Children can also request that their questions are not posted to the community but are answered more privately offline.

      Young Wrexham is run from the INFO shop in Wrexham, which is a specialist service managed by Wrexham Youth Service.

      View the Young Wrexham website HERE

      The closing date for 2019 nursery school applications is February 22