We all love our furry friends and take them for regular walks and runs to keep them healthy and in tip top condition.

So, in order to keep everyone happy – dog owners and non dog owners – we use a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) to limit where dogs can go which we think is very fair and easy to understand.

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The most important things to know are:

  • Dogs are not allowed off the lead in car parks and visitor centres in all our country parks but they can be let off the lead for a good run round when not in these areas.
  • They’re also not allowed on marked sports pitches, bowling green playing surfaces, in children’s play areas, skate parks, tennis courts and multi use games areas
  • Your dog should also always be on a lead on a public road or pavement or if you’re asked to put one on your dog anywhere at any time by a council officer
  • You should always carry a bag for dog poo and pick it up if they do foul

You could be fined up to £100 if you do not follow the restrictions.

The PSPO is in force until September 2023 when we’ll again review it to see how it’s working.

Darren Williams, Chief Officer Environment and Technical, said, “Across the county borough there are many responsible dog owners who care not only for their dogs but for their surroundings and others enjoying it. However, we do get reports of dogs fouling on sports fields which is obviously unacceptable and dangerous. We also receive complaints about dogs running lose, and sometimes causing distress, to others in the area. For this reason I ask that everyone stays up to date with the PSPO and what’s expected of them when walking their dogs.”

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