Imagine this. There are no rules when it comes to parking. You can park anywhere, anytime. You can park wherever you like, for free.

What would it be like?

Roads would get blocked, accidents would happen and people would get hurt. Individuals and businesses would suffer, and we’d all get fed-up pretty quickly.

That’s why parking enforcement officers are good guys. Ok…you might not think that if you’ve ever had a parking ticket, but they’re there to make sure people follow the rules and to prevent parking chaos.

They have a really tough job, and sometimes they get abused. Foul-language, insults and even physical threats.

It’s not fair, and Wrexham Council and its partners won’t tolerate it – as one person found out when they were taken to court recently for being aggressive to one of our officers.

They were found guilty and sentenced to a 12-month conditional discharge and ordered to pay £107 in court costs.

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An important role

A spokesperson for Wrexham Council says:

“Enforcement officers have a positive impact on our community, and without them we would all find life very difficult and frustrating.

“They help ensure people park sensibly and follow the rules, and keep our town centre flowing.

“We won’t tolerate anyone being abusive towards our enforcement officers, and will make every effort to liaise with the police and the courts to deal with aggressive behaviour.

“So please respect them as they go about their job. They play an important role in keeping our town centre safe, and deserve to be treated in a polite and civil way.”

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