If you are eligible for the Welsh Government’s £200 payment towards winter fuel bills, you’re able to apply now – but keep reading to find out the only official ways to get your application in!

Unfortunately, we have heard reports across Wales of people being tricked into handing over their bank details, believing they were applying for the winter fuel payment, only to find out it was a scam.

There are only two official ways to apply for the Winter Fuel Payment:

  1. Apply online via the council’s Winter Fuel Payment page
  2. If you are unable to apply online, call us and request a call back. We will then complete the form for you while you are on the phone

Help with the cost of living – claim what’s yours, reduce your bills, look after your health.

If you receive a text message, email, or phone call that you haven’t requested, do not give your personal information as these are not legitimate ways to apply. You can report these to OfComm by forwarding the text, or texting the details, to 7726.

Do you have a family member, neighbour or friend who isn’t online? Please make sure they know these two official ways to apply so they can stay safe too.

Wondering if you are able to claim this one-off payment? Find out more in our article Check if you are eligible to claim £200 towards your energy bill.

When it comes to the cost of living, making sure you claim all the help and support you’re entitled to could make a huge difference.