Social distance this autumn

As schools, colleges and universities reopen, and more people go back to the workplace this month, life is starting to feel a bit more ‘normal.’

That’s a good thing…and a very dangerous thing too.

After six months of lockdown, it feels good to have some of our old routines back in our lives…even if things aren’t quite the same as before.

To be able to go back to the classroom or office. To see more shops, pubs and restaurants open. To be able to go more places and do more things again. It’s a relief for many of us.

But although life might look more normal on the outside, Covid-19 is still here…and hurting people every day.

Councillor Mark Pritchard, Leader of Wrexham Council, says:

“If we don’t all do our bit, we could go backwards very quickly…and find ourselves dealing with a second wave.

“If it got bad enough, we could lose some of our freedoms again…and the local lockdown in Caerphilly illustrates this.

“But more importantly, more people could lose their lives.

“So don’t make this the autumn of regret. Stick to social distancing, and help keep Wrexham safe.

“The decisions you make will count.”

Thank you for social distancing

You might feel invincible…but what about the people you love?

There’s a concern that some people don’t feel too worried about Covid-19 anymore, and they’ve forgotten how serious the pandemic is.

Wrexham Council’s Chief Executive, Ian Bancroft, says:

“It’s possible that some people are getting bored or frustrated with all the rules, and they feel like they’re healthy enough to cope if they catch it.

“But nobody is invincible, and they could pass on the disease to other people…including friends, parents and grandparents.

“So please don’t take unnecessary risks. Help keep the people you love safe. Help keep everyone safe.”

What’s the point if I can’t social distance all the time?

In some situations – even with safety measures in place – it’s difficult to social distance. In certain jobs for example.

But don’t add to that risk.

Cllr Pritchard says:

“Keep your chances of catching or transmitting the virus as low as possible. Keep apart whenever you can.

“That friendly arm around the shoulder or pat on the back with friends or colleagues? Don’t do it. It might seem harmless, but it could help spread the disease…and someone, somewhere, could pay the price.”

No matter how mild your symptoms are, you should get a test for Coronavirus

You can make a difference

Cllr Pritchard says:

“The vast majority of people continue to take social distancing seriously, and I want to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone who is doing their bit.

“Autumn is going to be a critical period for Wrexham, Wales and the UK, and by continuing to follow the rules – and sticking to social distancing – you can make a difference.

“Every one of us can have a say in how this story ends.”

One last thing…

Earlier this week, Welsh Government Health Minister Vaughan Gething shared this example of how easily the virus can spread. It’s a reminder of how vigilant we all need to be…

“I want to share this example with you from the last few weeks.

“A group of friends returned from a short holiday in Ibiza last month – three of them came home with coronavirus.

“When they came home, one of the group passed the virus on to their partner and his father.

“Another person in the group had a party the day after coming home and four people caught coronavirus.

“One of these then passed the virus on to their brother who then passed it to a friend by sharing a car.

“Another party guest passed it on to their sister, who in turn infected a friend on a night out.

“Within just a few days of the friends’ return home, 13 people had coronavirus.”

How to get a coronavirus test…