fly tipping

Like you, we’re fed up with the unacceptable levels of fly tipping that’s taking place in the county borough.

That’s why we’ve brought in mobile CCTV cameras which will allow us to be flexible and respond to reports of fly-tipping, particularly where we are seeing repeated occurrences.  We hope that these cameras will assist us in catching and prosecuting offenders; and ultimately improving our local communities.

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“We’re actively going after offenders”

Cllr David A Bithell, Lead Member for Environment and Transport, said: “We’ve tried many campaigns and offered general advice to those who are continuing to fly tip but enough is enough now and we’re actively going after offenders.

“It’s not only some residents who are using their cars to illegally dump their rubbish but also the “man in a van” type of offender who offers their services for skip runs, often on Facebook or similar sites, then promptly drives to a secluded area to just dump it. Leaving the council with no option but to remove it.

“We cannot put up with it anymore and we will now be using resources not only to clear any fly tipping but also to fine those responsible.

If you come across fly-tipping in your local area, or whilst you’re out and about, you can report it online ( or by calling our Contact Centre.  Please don’t touch or move the waste, as you could be interfering with the evidence which would help us to catch the people responsible.

It’s your responsibility

You may think that by paying someone to collect and dispose of your waste, you’re being responsible; but it’s important that you check how and where you waste will end up, otherwise you could still be issued with a ‘Fixed Penalty Notice’ if your waste is found fly-tipped.

You can ask to see a ‘waste carrier’s license’ from anyone offering this type of service, although this doesn’t necessarily guarantee that they will dispose of your waste properly, so always be sure you ask for information about disposal!  A ‘man-in-a-van’ type service is not allowed to use our household recycling centres, as these are intended for residents only.

Household Recycling Centres

Our household recycling centres are located in Brymbo, Plas Madoc and Wrexham Industrial Estate. By taking the time to use these you can be guaranteed that your waste will not end up being fly tipped and is more likely to be recycled if at all possible.

You can find out more about these here (use link below) including opening times

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