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Becoming UK City of Culture 2025

  • UK City of Culture is a competition run by DCMS – UK department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport.
  • UK City of Culture and City Status bids are two completely different competitions.
  • This is the first time that UK City of Culture bid has been open to non-cities, allowing towns and regions to apply-so we jumped at the chance
  • Wrexham’s bid covers the entire county, not just the town
  • Wrexham is the only region in Wales through to the longlist of areas competing for UK City of Culture 2025 title.
  • The next stage of the UK City of Culture competition is in February when a further submission will take place to the judges – the finalists will then shrink from 8 to 3…but our ultimate goal is to progress even further and win this competition for Wrexham!
  • Winning the competition would be a once in a lifetime opportunity for a transformational change, bringing investment, jobs, pride and an international audience to see how awesome we are- as well as having a long lasting legacy once our year of hosting is finished.
  • Our #Wrecsam2025 logo ‘colour splash’ represents coal dust as a nod to our industrial past, while the colours used are to represent the vibrancy and diversity of every single one of us who lives, works and plays in Wrexham.
  • Our logo also prominently features the Welsh spelling of ‘Wrecsam’ – We’re Welsh, We speak Welsh, and always encourage its use.
  • We’re encouraging individuals to share their experiences of what they think’s awesome about Wrexham by using the #tag #Wrecsam2025
  • This could really be an “I was there” moment for the region.

Economic benefits:

  • Wrexham will be seen as a region to invest before, during and after hosting both from outside investment, and within Wrexham.
  • Wrexham and surrounding areas will see a boost in tourism as a result.
  • Our regions covid recovery will be assisted with increased footfall for the county and in the town centre
  • Being hosts of UK City of Culture 2025 will further raise our international profile
  • Hull saw investment of around £219million as hosts in 2017, as well as generating 800 jobs as a direct result of hosting

Further benefits:

  • Wrexham will be the UK focus for culture.
  • We’ll raise the bar on our ambitions creating positive changes in the perception of Wrexham both domestically, and to the world.
  • It’s our chance to show the world who we are and what we are made of- hosting will lead to increased community engagement and social inclusion
  • Previous winners have hosted The Mobo Awards, Turner Art Prize and the Radio 1’s big weekend
  • Wrexham winning would mean the award would come to Wales for the first time


  • A Wrexham City of Culture 2025 bid team has been set up by Wrexham County Borough Council and they are working hard on the next stage of the bid.
  • There will be further community engagement, consultation and events.
  • If successful, a standalone trust will be set up to run Wrexham City of Culture
  • Our bid is based on 6 areas of focus:


  1. The centre of trade & events in North Wales;
  2. The UK “Capital of Play”;
  3. Home of football in Wales;
  4. Leaders in innovation;
  5. Welsh language and heritage; and
  6. Evolving cultural diversity.


Previous winners:

Derry/Londonderry 2013 (First participants)

Hull : 2017

Coventry 2021-22 (Current holders)

2025 – Fingers Crossed Wrexham!


Further info: