Every year we have to put together an annual review of our performance across a number of areas where the council works – things like education, adult social care, the environment, highways, the economy and others.

The results of those reviews are published in our annual Focused On Our Performance reports.

The Focused On Our Performance report for 2019/20 is now available to view, and will be discussed by our Executive Board next week.

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It measures our performance against the well-being objectives and in-year priorities in our 2019-2022 Council Plan, and the four important themes it sets out – economy, people, place and organisation.

It’s not an all-round check-up on everything we do, but instead looks at how we’re performing in key areas.

This year’s Focused On Our Performance report will be discussed at the Executive Board on Tuesday, 13th October.

Let’s take a look at a few of the key areas set out in the report.

Where we’re doing well

The report points out a number of areas where we’re doing well, which are rated green.

Some of our highlights outlined in the report include:

  • Footfall in the town-centre has greatly improved during 2019/20.
  • The value of visitor spend in 2019/20 increased to £125 Million.
  • A reduction in victim based crimes in Wrexham compared to 2018/19.
  • In November 2019, we moved across to the new joint health and social care IT system.
  • Addressed anti-social behaviour by reintroducing the Wrexham Town Public Spaces Protection Order.
  • An increase of 4,818 volunteer hours supporting sports development and 2,908 hours supporting parks and country parks.
  • An increase in the percentage of ‘A’ roads and ‘B’ roads in good condition since 2018/19 and above the Welsh national average.
  • Online we now have 76 different services available to customers via the digital platform.

Where we want to improve

There are other areas in the Focused On Our Performance report where we haven’t made the improvements we want, or need to do better, and are rated either amber or red in the report.

Some of our areas to improve, outlined in the report include:

  • Improve results of school learners, particularly at Key Stage 4.
  • Address the increase in the number of people in Wrexham with no qualifications and the increase in the number of people claiming benefits.
  • In Social Care, the percentage of all statutory reviews held within timescale is improving but we have not met our target.
  • In Children’s Social Care the percentage of assessments completed for children within statutory timescales is declining.
  • The percentage of (C) roads in poor overall condition increased in 2019/20.

Some of these areas are heading in the right direction – but we still want to work hard to make improvements where we can.

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