Foundation Phase

Foundation phase pupils will be returning to Wrexham schools on Friday and we’re very grateful to parents and carers who have done a brilliant job of home-schooling during very difficult circumstances.

Whilst this is good news for everyone involved with young people’s education it’s not a reason to drop our guard.

“Still lots of restrictions in place to limit the transmission”

Foundation Phase
Cllr Phil Wynn, Lead Member for Education, said: “We’re very pleased to see children returning to our schools but there’s still lots of restrictions in place to limit the transmission of Covid-19 in our communities. We all need to remain patient for a while yet to ensure we don’t return to square one when we had the highest number of positive cases in Wales.

“Please continue to work from home where possible, wear a face mask when dropping off and picking up your child, don’t hang about the school gates talking to other parents, school bubbles apply in schools only and children should not be mixing out of school. We should also be mindful that we can only meet up to four people from two different households when we exercise outdoors.

“If we all do this we can hopefully see further progress being made to lift restrictions and get our older children back to school.”

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