Wrexham frustrated person

The majority of Wrexham Council customers are polite and courteous, and we really appreciate that.

However, we understand that a lot of issues we deal with can make people feel passionate or concerned, causing a small number to cross the line.

To help staff deal with this effectively, we’ve updated our ‘Abusive, Unreasonably Persistent and/or Vexatious Persons’ policy.

The changes widen the scope of the policy and make it easier for us to address inappropriate behaviour by customers.


We believe our customers have the right to be heard, understood and respected. But we also believe our staff have the same rights.

So we expect customers to be polite and courteous in their dealings with our staff, and will take appropriate steps against people that cross the line.

“Abusive behaviour cannot be tolerated”

Cllr David Kelly, lead member for organisation – planning and corporate services, said: “The policy has been updated for the small number of people who behave in an abusive, vexatious or unreasonably persistent way.

“We appreciate frustration can cause people to act out of character and our staff are trained to deal sympathetically in such situations.

“However, abusive behaviour cannot be tolerated and the procedure within the updated policy will ensure such behaviour is dealt with in a fair and transparent manner.”

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