Solar PV

As part of our work to decarbonise our buildings and reach the net zero by 2030 targets for the public sector, important funding has been secured to install solar PV panels on leisure centres in Wrexham.

We have been awarded £180,000 by Welsh Government’s Assets Collaboration Fund and working in partnership with Freedom Leisure, we can now make some of the necessary advances in our plans for the decarbonisation of public buildings. Added to this is £128,232 of funding that Freedom Leisure has recently been awarded by the Sport Wales Capital Fund.

Cllr David A Bithell, Climate Champion, said: “The solar PV installation is an innovative approach, which allows us to become more self-sufficient and substantially reduces the current energy being used from the grid, leading to a reduction in greenhouse gases and carbon savings.

“It also enables the generation of clean and sustainable local energy for use by the centres, which will act as a visible example of change that can be followed by other organisations and communities in Wrexham.”

Cllr Beverley Parry-Jones, Lead Member with responsibility for Leisure, said: “We want to lead by example with the things we are doing in response to the climate emergency, so we are delighted that we will be able to have solar PV panels on our leisure centres in Wrexham. They will be a very welcome addition which will help us to reduce our environmental impact considerably.”

Richard Milne, Area Manager for North Wales at Freedom Leisure, said: “We are delighted to be working alongside Wrexham Council on this essential energy saving project. Just like the council, we are committed to our Net Zero targets and to reducing the environmental impact of operating leisure centres.

“Renewable energy such as solar PV, is a key component to achieving this target and by working alongside our local authority partners, as well as our colleagues and customers to reduce energy use, we will all be playing our part in tackling the global crisis.”

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Low Carbon Heating Design Funding

We have also been awarded a £30,000 Low Carbon Heating Development Grant by Welsh Government’s Energy Service which will ensure that the £34,000 identified by WCBC will be able to deliver better value for money.

The funding will go towards developing comprehensive and appropriate designs for improvements to the heating systems at five sites requiring an upgrade. These sites were selected for the development work on the basis of their current high carbon emissions fuel type, levels of energy use and low DEC/EPC ratings.

The five sites, which will have low carbon heating systems designed are:

  • Abbey Road Transport Depot
  • Eyton Primary School
  • Froncysyllte CP
  • Minera Primary School
  • Ysgol Cynddelw

The designs will ensure we are able to access further funding to implement the improved heating systems in the future.

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