Dementia art group at St Margaret's in Wrexham

“You can live well with dementia” is the message the Alzheimer’s Society shares in its Dementia Friends sessions, and for many, art can be a huge help.

In Wrexham, Dementia Friends offers a weekly art group to those with the disease and their carers.

The sessions offer two hours of art, supported by the artist Margaret Roberts at St Margaret’s Church Hall in Wrexham.

All equipment and sundries are provided free of charge and supported by donations from benefactors who’ve often been touched by the disease.

Following the sad death of Jo Edwards, who’s family were responsible for the original funding made available to start the group, the family agreed to her wish that any donations made for her funeral would go to the art group here in Wrexham.

The family, represented by Anne Edwards Smith and Neale Edwards, recently visited the group to hand over a cheque for £850.

This generous donation will provide materials for the group in the future.

Dementia art group in St Margaret's in Wrexham

Councillor Frank Hemmings, who is a Dementia Ambassador with the Alzheimer’s Society, says:

“The art group is currently well supported by a large number of students and their carers as we work towards an exhibition at Ty Pawb in April, when we’ll display some of the work they’ve completed during the class.

“In many cases art has proved to be a great therapy for those living with dementia and often they are surprised by the quality of work produced. It’s a lovely, friendly group and a great example of how people can live well with dementia and have a fulfilling life.”