Wrexham Play and Youth Support team are encouraging children and families to get outside and take part in “The Summer of Play”.

As part of “The Summer of Play” we have hidden some geocaches for children to find (see below for details on how to find them).

We have chosen playful places across Wrexham to hide our caches and would like children to play with what they find and then put it back ready for the next person to find.

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Geocaching is a world wide treasure hunt, it’s free to down load for the basic caches or there is an annual fee if you want to do premium caches (really not needed unless you decide you want to do more). Anyone can hide one, so you never know what they will look like or what to expect.

Things you may need

• a pen
• things to swap
• tweezers
• nettle/ sting relief
• charged up phone
• snacks and drinks
• hand sanitiser
• a sense of adventure

How does Geocaching work?

Download the app and then pick an area you want to explore. Each cache will
give you information about the environment, some maybe too difficult to get
prams to, but there are some in county parks and villages which are accessible.

Use the clues to find the cache, caches can be tiny little magnets with a role of
paper to log your find, or can be huge boxes filled with plastic toys
(promotional freebies), if you are lucky enough to find one with toys you can
help yourself but you must leave something of yours in its place. All caches
must be left as you found them. You then log your find on the app.

Some caches hold trackables, if you find one, you can log it to see where it has come from and then help it to reach its destination, you have 2 weeks to rehide it in another cache. Some of theses have travelled around the world several times.

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