This article is written as part of a series of posts about the #DrinkLessEnjoyMore campaign

As Christmas approaches and we’re all gearing up for Christmas parties we are reminding everyone of the need to check that any taxi you get into is properly licensed.

All private hire or hackney cab vehicles should be displaying white and purple coloured licence plates which should be on the outside of all vehicles.


Private hire vehicles will also have yellow adhesive signs in the rear windows.

All drivers should have an ID badge with their name, photograph, licence number and expiry date.  If you can’t see it please ask to see it before you set off.

Cllr Hugh Jones, Lead Member for Communities, Partnerships, Public Protection and Community Safety, said, “It’s so easy to jump into a waiting taxi when you leave a night club or similar venue and expect to get home safely. Christmas is a time when some unscrupulous people see a chance to make a few pounds by posing as a legitimate taxi driver. On these occasions the vehicles will be unlicensed and will not have gone through the necessary tests for transporting the public and will not have adequate insurance so it’s worth a quick check before you get in and if you can’t see the driver’s ID badge, please ask to see it.”

During December Licensing Officers will be working with Wrexham Police to spot check taxis to ensure they are all legal and fit for purpose.

Wrexham Council and its partners are promoting the #DrinkLessEnjoyMore campaign, encouraging young people to look after themselves by cutting back on how much they drink before they go out…as well as how much they drink once they get to the bars, pubs and clubs in Wrexham.

It’s true that by drinking less – and knowing your limits – you can have a much better night out.

For more information about the #DrinkLessEnjoyMore campaign click here

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