Trochi groups (otherwise known as Welsh immersion provision groups) from across Wrexham, Flintshire and Denbighshire joined together at Glan Llyn recently to enjoy engaging and taking part in outdoor activities, all through the medium of Welsh.

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The trip was arranged to celebrate the success of this years’ cohort before they are released into mainstream education, now that they are fluent.

The Welsh Immersion provision supports children from English medium primary settings to transfer to a Welsh medium secondary setting by providing an intensive transition course during the summer term of year 6 until the end of year 8.  However the majority of pupils who visited Glan Llyn recently were able to reach achieve full fluency by the end of year 7!

The pupils enjoyed a fun-filled day canoeing on the lake, tackling the high ropes and the climbing wall, finishing the day toasting marshmallows whilst discussing their day.

They came away proud of their achievement not only in challenging themselves during the activities but in reflecting how far they’ve come on their Welsh language journey now that they are confident Welsh speakers.

The day trip was funded by a Welsh government grant for developing Welsh immersion provisions.

Eleri Vaughan Roberts, Welsh Immersion Service Team Manager: “I am extremely proud of our service and our commitment to support children to transition over to Welsh medium education and am especially proud of the effort and enthusiasm shown by our pupils.

Children attend from primary schools from all over the county and are supported not only to acquire the language but to be confident, happy, enthusiastic and respectful in their new language and I’m confident that their bilingual skills will serve them well in the future.  It is an innovative course that places the children’s wellbeing at the forefront of everything we do and much of our success can be attributed to this ethos.”

There has been an immense surge of interest in the course during the past few years with more and more parents recognising the benefits of giving their children the opportunity to be bilingual.

Year 6 children are invited to attend an immersion ‘taster’ course during the last half term of the summer which allows them the opportunity to see if the Welsh medium option is suited to them.  If interested you can still register for the next course that will start on the 5th of June.

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