Work for Wrexham Council

We have three very exciting schemes for you to choose from…

Whether you would like to learn a trade within our Housing Team, combine office and site work with our Environmental Team, or be office-based within a department of your choice with our Corporate Team, we want to hear from you!


As well as earning a wage, all Apprentices/Trainees will enjoy a range of benefits including:

  • Spending time with experienced staff.
  • Option to study towards a job-related qualification.
  • Paid holidays and receiving the same benefits as other employees.
  • Working for at least 30 hours per week.
  • Gaining skills from a variety of placements.

Corporate Apprentice Scheme

The apprentice will be supported by Coleg Cambria and Workforce Development to complete their chosen work-based learning NVQ qualification, with the opportunity to progress to the higher level.

To ensure the apprentice receives the best experience and development, the individual will rotate across a range of service areas over a two-year period.

The service will identify a manager and mentor to support the placement for the whole period in their service area.

This will provide wellbeing and job role support to ensure the apprentice is able to perform to the best of their ability and to gain as much experience as possible from the council’s Apprenticeship Scheme.

Housing Apprentice Scheme

Our four-year programme brings learning and earning together.

Not only will you study towards a nationally recognised qualification, you’ll earn a competitive salary, develop new skills and gain invaluable knowledge and experience.

With excellent training opportunities, varied career paths and secure employment, this programme will kick-start your career allowing you to set the foundations for your future.

We run an apprenticeship scheme for craft trades, which covers plastering, joinery, painting, bricklaying, plumbing and electrical.

Environment Traineeship Scheme

A Traineeship is a genuine job and under all circumstances a trainee will be employed from day one.

We will offer valuable work experience opportunities and support the Trainees to develop their skills and knowledge with the aim of them gaining permanent employment within Wrexham Council.

The traineeship is a two-year scheme that combines office and on site work, providing skills and experience whilst building confidence.

For more information take a look at our jobs portal or call 01978 292070

Applications close on midnight on 30 April 2023.