Test Purchasing

As the last of the spring and summer bank holidays approaches many of you may be considering calling into town for a drink with family or friends – after all there won’t be another one until Christmas.

No matter how mild your symptoms are, you should get a test for Coronavirus

Drinking establishments are really looking forward to seeing you but they’re having to do things very differently at the moment so please plan ahead and be prepared to:

  • Book in advance – lots of establishments are now asking people to book their visit in advance so they can manage numbers properly and safely. Please check if you should book to avoid disappointment or any queues.
  • Stay 2 metres apart if you have to queue to get into an establishment. Consider going to another establishment that doesn’t have a queue or just be patient.
  • Carry a face covering if you intend to get a taxi home – you now have to wear one for all taxi journeys.
  • Provide accurate contact details. If any premises is later identified as having a positive Coronavirus case it will make sure that you can be contacted quickly by the Test, Trace and Protect teams.

Remember that you can’t stand up and have a drink – at the moment this is not allowed and you will  be asked to leave if you do so or be refused entrance if there are no available tables.

Cllr Hugh Jones, Lead Member for Communities, Partnerships, Public Protection and Community Safety, said: “It’s vitally important that we all remain vigilant about Covid-19, it’s still with us and we all need to follow the guidelines in order to keep Wrexham safe.

“The freedoms that we are now enjoying have been hard won, many people have died and it is important that we do not sacrifice these benefits. It is in no ones interest for us to have to return to lockdown.

“Please remember that social distancing and hand hygiene are key defences against the spread of this virus and they should become part of our normal behaviour as we approach the autumn.”

So far Wrexham rural and town centre Police and our licensing staff are reporting that overall licencees are doing a great job managing customers and staff to keep them safe but that doesn’t mean that the virus has gone away. It hasn’t and to avoid coming into contact with it or spreading it to someone else please take every precaution to avoid further transmission.

You can do this by carefully planning your evening out in order to enjoy yourself

Please remember all the measures are in place to prevent the spread of Coronavirus and we really need your help to Keep Wrexham Safe.

How to get a test