Indoor hospitality

As we gradually and safely see indoor hospitality venues reopening we’re pleased to report that the vast majority of the public and businesses are behaving responsibly and safely.

Whilst we all hope this remains the case it’s best to remind customers and businesses that in order to continue to stay open to customers everyone must do their bit to continue to stay safe. This includes when queueing outside premises at 2 metres.

Make sure you know about changes to Covid-19 restrictions in Wales

Businesses have a responsibility to ensure that anyone queueing to enter their premises stay 2 metres apart, regardless of how long the queue is.

Customers are also reminded of this and if you are asked to socially distance by staff to do so politely. It’s important to remember that security and door supervising staff are working to keep you and those with you safe and abuse will not be tolerated.

It’s preferably if you book before you go and plan well ahead but some venues are open to “walk ins” and queues can form outside if they already have the maximum number of customers inside.

This may mean a long wait so if you see a long queue please think about where else you can go rather than wait your turn.

Also remember to take your face mask or covering and to pay close attention to hand hygiene.

Visiting indoor hospitality venues safely

If you haven’t ventured out yet but plan to soon here’s some general advice on staying safe whilst visiting indoor hospitality venues:

  • plan ahead and please make sure you book before you leave if necessary
  • all premises must take your contact details for Test, Trace and Protect teams should they need to contact you. Please make sure you have your details readily available
  • only 6 people can sit together and you should do your very best to remain socially distanced whilst at your table
  • you will not be able to stand in a seating area to consume your drink
  • take a face mask or covering to use when not at your table
  • please treat all staff with respect. They’ve missed you and want you to enjoy yourselves but abusive behaviour towards staff will not be tolerated
  • proprietors/landlords must stick to the rules aswell so if you’re concerned about any premises email

And remember if you use public transport or need a taxi to or from anywhere in Wrexham or Wales you will need to wear a face mask. Please make sure you have one or two handy in case you change your plans at the last minute. Drivers, including taxi drivers, have the right not to take you if you do not wear a mask.

😷 Restrictions in Wales are gradually easing. Make sure you understand what you can and can’t do 👈