Have you heard about our PSPO? Don’t worry, it’s ok if you haven’t 🙂

It stands for Public Space Protection Order and is basically there to make sure we can all use public spaces, safe from antisocial behaviour…it’s something that’s put in place to help us enjoy Wrexham at its best.

In August 2016, our Executive Board first approved a three-year PSPO in Wrexham. And as we’re now coming towards the end of this term, it needs to be reviewed, so this is where we need your help 🙂

So, let us know what you think here

We need your views on keeping our public spaces safe, and you can tell us by taking part in our public consultation.


The consultation is looking for the views of the general public and other interested bodies on whether our current PSPO is relevant and should continue.

The area covered by the PSPO is the town centre and parts of Rhosddu. You can view a map of the area covered here.

The PSPO to date, has supported the council and our partners in our approach to address a number of specific concerns related to anti-social behaviour in the relevant area. It’s also encouraged vulnerable people to access support and services, helping to break the cycle of behaviour and vulnerability they can be locked into.

In relation to homelessness, rough sleeping and begging, the Council and public service partners aim to provide support to people in these situations.

So, what is a PSPO?

When there are problems or nuisance in an area affecting the local community’s quality of life, we may put rules in place to deal with it. These rules or ‘orders’ are designed to make sure we can all use and enjoy public spaces, safe from antisocial behaviour.
An ‘order’ places restrictions and requirements on certain behaviour in an area. The order can last up to a three-year period.
It is a criminal offence not to stick to the order, and you can either get a fixed penalty notice of £100 or be prosecuted, which could lead to a fine of up to £1,000.

We want your views!

We are carrying out a public consultation to determine the views of the general public and other interested bodies on whether the measures contained in the PSPO are still supported and should continue.

So, let us know what you think here

Cllr Hugh Jones, Lead Member for People – Communities, Partnerships, Public Protection and Community Safety said, “The PSPO is one of the available tools and powers in legislation available to us to address anti-social behaviour for the benefit of vulnerable individuals and for residents, visitors and local businesses. We are aware that enforcement, alone, is not the answer to the issues, however it is a vital part of a holistic approach that we have adopted involving contributions from the Local Authority, North Wales Police, Health and charitable organisations.
We are working collectively to remove any barriers that exist which prevent vulnerable people from positively engaging with services and to ensure people are offered positive routes out of their situation.
It is clear that by not addressing concerns effectively, it would have a detrimental effect on Wrexham.”

What happens next?

The outcome of the public consultation will be considered by the Executive Board in October 2019 and will be made available on the council website.

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