Ongoing fly tipping in and around Stryt Las Park in Johnstown has been reported by our rangers.

The park staff have been litter picking at least once a week throughout the year, and during the summer had a blitz – filling 77 bags!

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Unfortunately fly tipping is happening across Wrexham.

Parks are for everyone to enjoy, but unfortunately a selfish few are choosing to use our parks and public spaces as their own personal dumping grounds.

These selfish acts mean that as a council we have to use our resources clearing up the environment, rather than being able to concentrate on improving the environment in a way that will benefit us all.

Fly tipping is illegal.

It can be dangerous, it can pollute land and waterways. It can also be a fire hazard.

Cllr David A Bithell, Lead Member for the Environment and Transport, said:

“Fly-tipping is selfish and dangerous, and can spoil the environment for other people and for wildlife and nature.

“Even at Christmas – when we tend to have more waste –  there’s no excuse for fly tipping, and  anyone who does it shouldn’t be surprised if they receive an invitation to court and a hefty fine.”

If you discover fly tipping

Do not touch the waste, it may contain hazardous substances.

Do not disturb the site, as it may contain evidence that could help identify the offender and lead to a prosecution.

If you see someone fly tipping

Note the date, time and place of the occurrence.

Note what the waste looks like and how much of it there is.

Note a description of any vehicles involved, along with registration numbers.

Do not approach any fly tippers.  They are doing something which is illegal, they do not want to be caught and may become violent.

You can report the incident HERE

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