Bin collection

Our waste services continue to adapt to the current situation and our teams are working extremely hard to provide your weekly recycling service with as little disruption as possible, but there are a few things we need you to do to help us out over the coming weeks.

Our priority remains keeping you and our crews safe and we have very strict hygiene precautions in place to do this, but you will need to help us out with some of these.

Extra recycling

As we’re experiencing higher levels of recycling than usual because of homeworking and school closures, many of you have been leaving out extra recycling for us to collect.

If your recycling boxes/bags get full, you can leave the extra recyclables in containers next to your other recycling on your collection day and we’ll recycle the materials.

But if you do this, you MUST still separate the materials as you usually would. For example, extra paper and cardboard should go in one container, cans and plastics in a different container and any extra glass in a separate container too.

The only safe way

Our operatives need to be able to pick up the container and empty it straight into the correct vehicle compartment. For safety reasons, no touching of the recyclables can occur.

So, we must stress that the only safe way to take your extra recycling is for you to sort it correctly and leave it in separated containers for us. Unless you do this, we can’t take it away.

Maximise space

Making the most of the space you have can help you to avoid having extra recycling.

Splitting and folding down cardboard boxes will give you more space in your blue sack/top wheelie box.

Squashing your plastic bottles will also give you more room in your recycling box.

Wash containers

Please clean your hands and disinfect your bag/bin/box/caddy handles before and after you touch them.

We also ask you wash any containers that you put extra recycling in the same way.

Weekly service

We want to remind that your recycling collection continues to be a weekly service.

Some residents have told us they believed we were only collecting recycling on the weeks that we collect their black household waste bin. This is not the case.

Tissues aren’t recyclable

Tissues are not recyclable. Please don’t place them in your blue bag/top wheelie box as this will contaminate your other recycling.

Tissues need to go in your general waste with extra care due to the current pandemic.

If you are self-isolating and feeling unwell please double-bag your personal waste such as tissues and put aside for 72 hours before putting out for collection.

Thanks for your support

We would like to again thank you for all for the kind words and messages that have been left for our crews.

Please continue to offer your support to them. They’re working extra hard at an extremely difficult time.

It’s important and keeps morale up during these challenging times. Thank you.

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