Henblas Street

As the town centre begins to re-open carefully for trade we have taken a look at how to open our public toilets safely.

As a result it is possible to re-open Henblas Street toilets albeit with some changes to make sure that everyone using them are safe.


Here’s how you can use them safely whilst in the town centre:

  • Access will be limited to three female users in the ladies and one male visitors in the gents at any one time to maintain social distancing. This is due to the relative size of the male / female facilities. However, a parent / carer will be allowed in with their children
  • The accessible toilet will  be available
  • Alternate toilets, urinals and hand basins will be taped to prevent their use and bilingual signs will inform visitors that they are out of use due to social distancing regulations
  • The cleaner will be positioned at the entrance to control the barrier for entry and exit using the access button in the office. A sign outside the toilets will explain the access restrictions to visitors
  • The 20p entrance charge will still apply but no change will be available from the cleaner
  • The toilets will be closed for 15 minutes each hour for cleaning including sanitising surfaces
  • The toilets will open normal hours 9am to 4.30pm Monday to Saturday

Please use them patiently and sensibly and help us to keep you safe.

Cllr Terry Evans, Lead Member for Economic Development said: “Facilities such as public toilets are key to ensuring that visitors can enjoy their time in the town centre comfortably. I’d like to pass on my thanks to all those involved who are making sure that these facilities are able to open safely.”

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