None of us likes to think about getting older.

But as we get older, our needs and circumstances will change – and some of the changes will be so important, they’ll need thinking about in advance.

And Wrexham is an area with a growing older population. According to figures from the last census in 2011, about 24 per cent of Wrexham’s population is aged 60 or over, and those numbers are only set to go up.

So it’s important that we make sure things are in place to suit people’s changing needs as they get older.


Accommodation – what are your plans?

One of the biggest parts of that puzzle is housing and accommodation – and we want you to help us find out what those needs look like.

Maybe you’re someone who lives in Wrexham who is looking to change their accommodation plans once you reach older age.

Or maybe you’ve already moved to more suitable accommodation. If so, we’d like to hear about why you moved, and what benefits or downsides you’ve come across as a result of moving from your home.

Or perhaps you’ve got an older relative who’s considering moving.

Whatever your circumstances, we want to hear from you.

And it doesn’t matter whether or not you rent or own your property – we’re still interested to hear what you have to say.

For obvious reasons, our survey is aimed at people aged 50 or over – but anyone is welcome to fill it in.

“So important that we get this information”

Cllr David Griffiths, Lead Member for Housing, said: “It’s vital that we make sure that the right plans in place for older people’s accommodation, so we can ensure their needs are met well into the future.

“As an authority, we have the ability to influence such things through planning processes, housing policies and the Local Development Plan – but unless we know what people want, we won’t be able to use that influence to its full effect.

“As such, it’s so important that people take just five minutes to provide us with the information asked for within this survey.”

Don’t miss out – take part

The details we’re after are fairly straightforward; things your current type of accommodation; the sort of changes you’ve made – if any – to your property to make it more suitable to your needs, and if you have any plans to move in future what type of accommodation you need.

The survey is available online here, and should only take about five minutes to complete.

All responses to the survey are anonymous, unless you need further information from us – in which case, you’ll need to provide your details.

If you have any questions about the survey or would like it another format, contact or telephone 01978 298993.

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