A new homeowner has thanked Wrexham Council for helping her and her family to buy their first house.

Leah Thomas bought a property in Rhostyllen with the help of a Homebuy Loan, provided by the Council in partnership with Grŵp Cynefin Housing Association.

Homebuy is a scheme which offers support to potential homeowners by providing an equity loan to assist in purchasing the property. The loan is normally 30% of the approved purchase price, but can be increased to 50%.

(Right to left): Cllr Paul Pemberton (Local Member for Ponciau), Leah Roberts, Harrison Thomas, Maureen Lee (WCBC Affordable Housing Officer), George Thomas, , Gerwyn Lloyd (Grŵp Cynefin)

“We couldn’t be more pleased with the house..”

Leah has now settled into the property with her husband, Damian Thomas, and two sons, Harrison and George.

She explains how the scheme helped her: “We were already on the applications list for a council house when we were told that the Council might be able to offer help though the Homebuy loan scheme.

“We were able to get a mortage and we don’t need to pay the loan back until we sell the property so it’s really been massive help in helping us buy our first house.

“We couldn’t be more pleased with the house. It’s very modern and light and it’s in great location. It’s safe and there isn’t too much traffic, which is great when you’re bringing up a young family. It’s still close enough to all the local shops and the bypass though, which is very handy.”


The funds for the loan scheme were provided by a commuted sum from the Mountain View Housing Development built by Taylor Wimpey.

A commuted sum is an amount of money, paid by a housing developer to the Council, where the size or scale of a development triggers a requirement for affordable housing, but it is not possible to achieve appropriate affordable housing on site. The cash can then be used to assist people with affordable housing elsewhere.

“It’s great to see that the scheme has proved successful..”

Lead Member for Housing, Cllr David Griffiths, said: “Buying a new home can be very difficult in the current financial climate so it is vital we are able to do everything we can to help people find their feet on the housing ladder. It’s great to see that the Homebuy loan scheme is proving successful and that Leah and her family have been able to benefit.”

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