Wrexham Council wants your views

NOTE – This consultation has now closed (01.12.17)

How would you save £13million?

You might soon get the chance to tell us.

Plans to ask local people for their views on how to save money will be discussed by councillors next week.

Wrexham Council has to find the savings over the next two years, as it continues to grapple with less funding from central government.

So a range of ideas are being looked at that could help us cut costs and generate income.

And if the council’s Executive Board gives the green light to consult on the ideas when it meets on Tuesday, October 24, a consultation will be launched to give local people a chance to have their say.


Don’t do it for us – do it for yourself

If the consultation is approved at Exec Board, we’ll be encouraging as many people as possible to fill-in the questionnaire online.

The more responses we get, the better we’ll understand how people feel.

And it’ll be your chance to influence what happens.

Other people will fill it in, so why let them have all the say?

Councillor Mark Pritchard, Leader of Wrexham Council, says: “Since 2008 we’ve saved £52 million, and the views of local people helped us decide how to make those savings.

“But councils all over the country are still in a very difficult place. We’re still having to find ways to save and raise money to balance the books.

“If the proposed consultation is approved next week, I’d encourage everyone to take part.

“Don’t leave it to others to have all the say. Make sure you’re heard.”

The proposed consultation will be discussed at Wrexham Council’s Executive Board on Tuesday, October 24.

The meeting starts at 10am. You can watch it on the council’s webcast page.

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