Road Network

No we’re not expecting snow yet – but if we were would you be prepared?

Is your anti-freeze and screen wash topped up and your tyres are safe for driving in snow and ice?

How will you get to work if you can’t get the car out of the garage or who’s going to look after the children if their school is closed or their bus cancelled?

These aren’t questions we can help you with – but you can help yourself by checking your car now and making sure it’s ready for poor or severe weather. If not make sure you put it to the top of your list of to do’s.


Make sure you know which bus or taxi company takes your child to school and put their phone numbers in your phone and also follow them on social media if you can.

Our website will also let you know which schools are closed – do you know where to find it? Click here for more information.

What will we do to help during poor weather?

We’ll let you know as soon as we know that poor weather is on its way to Wrexham. We’ll pay extra special attention to road surfaces by gritting them ready for frost, snow or ice – but that doesn’t mean they’re totally safe and you will need to drive carefully so allow extra time for your journey.

But we won’t be able to respond to individual social media enquiries such as “is my child’s school open?” or “Is the Number 1 bus running?” We simply don’t have the time to do this but we will monitor social media and share any useful information we come across.

We’ll also let you know the latest on whether our buildings are open or closed and whether or not bin collections are going ahead as scheduled.

By being prepared we should be able to weather any storm so please take the time to think about “what would I do if it snowed tomorrow” and make the necessary arrangements.

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