Successes and changes in the way Wrexham Council delivers its care services will be noted by senior councillors next week.

Members of Wrexham Council’s Executive Board will review progress made in the authority’s care sector, highlighted in an important annual report.

Changes and improvements to the care service are outlined in the Director of Social Services Annual Report for 2016/17, which will be discussed by members of the Executive Board at their monthly meeting on Tuesday, July 11.

The report outlines a number of improvements achieved by the council in respect of its care services, and details those areas where the authority has fulfilled its objectives.

It also looks at those improvements the council still wants to make, and comparisons to similar objectives in 2015/16.


Good results

Some of the results achieved by the council in the last year mentioned in the report include:

  • Working with the Welsh Government and Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board (BCUHB) to help more people to remain in their homes.
  • Opening a new Elderly Mentally Impaired (EMI) residential care home, in partnership with the Clwyd Alyn Housing Association.
  • Creating the Waking Hours Team to support children and their families beyond usual office hours.
  • Expanding the Children’s Single Point of Access Team (SPoA), allowing the council to respond quickly to anyone making a referral.
  • Developing the Corporate Safeguarding Policy to promote understanding among staff, councillors and anyone working for the council of the importance of safeguarding children and vulnerable adults.

“Pace of change has been fast”

Cllr Joan Lowe, Lead Member for Health and Adult Social Care, said: “This report contains a number of details, summarising a range of developments undertaken within our Social Services department.

“While the improvements and examples listed in the report cover a range of areas across service delivery, I think everyone in the Adult Social Care team should feel proud of the achievements made in the past year.

“The pace of change has been fast and – as demographics in Wales and Wrexham continue to change – that pace is unlikely to let up any time soon.

“But the steps we’ve taken will help us to better understand and answer the needs of an aging population, and as such I welcome the results outlined in the report.”

Cllr Bill Baldwin, Lead Member for Children’s Services, said: “We’ve changed the way that we as a council ensure children and young people are cared for, and introduced a new child-centric approach to assessments, ensuring they feel valued and listened to throughout.

“We’ve outperformed every other authority in Wales when it comes to making sure children are seen as part of their assessments, and that’s something the team ought to be proud of.”

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