Supported Lodging

At a meeting of our Executive Board earlier this week members agreed an increase to the payments made to our Supported Lodging hosts.

Current payments of £140 per week will now be increased to £255 per week.

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Supported Lodgings placements provide a young person with a room of their own in a private home where they are a member of the household, but are not expected to become a member of the family.

The host provides a safe and supportive environment, working alongside WCBC Children’s Services Leaving Care Team to help and support the young person in gaining the skills needed for an independent adult life.

Who are the young people in Supported Lodgings?

The young people are those who are leaving care or who can no longer live at home, and are not ready to cope with living on their own yet.

Cllr Rob Walsh, Lead Member for Children’s Services, said, “I am really pleased this increase has been agreed. It’s essential that we do everything we can to support young people to remain in the community they are familiar with and also get help and support learn skills for independent adult life.

“The increase will hopefully increase the recruitment of new hosts and help retain current hosts.”

Further information regarding the Supported Lodgings Service can be found on our website.

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