We know that everyone’s interested in Wrexham Town Centre.

There’s been a lot of news over the past year on the coming and going of various businesses, efforts made to clean up parts of the town and the planned restoration of old buildings.

While a lot of these individual efforts have taken place, members of Wrexham Council have also been looking at how best to keep everything co-ordinated.


A report which follows up a review of work carried out by the council in the town centre, will be considered by the Employment, Business and Investment Scrutiny Committee on Wednesday, December 6.

The aim following the scrutiny review was for the Council to develop a strategy to tie together all of the work already taking place in the town centre.

This could cover the work undertaken by the Streetscene team to clean up and maintain streetscapes and roads; the backing given to business start-ups by Business Support; or what the Economic Development team has done to facilitate tenancies in vacant premises.

The report refers to meetings taking place at a senior level as part of a new coordinated approach, and also outlines progress against the Town Centre Masterplan, which is the planning and regeneration tool for the town centre.

The meeting will take place on Wednesday, December 6, and will be streamed live on council webcast from 4pm.  The link to the Agenda and webcast is available here.

“Lot of interest in the town centre”

Cllr Rodney Skelland, Committee Chair, said: “I know there’s a lot of interest in Wrexham Town Centre at the moment – from the media, businesses, stakeholders and members of the public alike.

“As such, I would recommend anyone who has an interest in the town centre follow the webcast of the meeting – or come along in person – and look into the kind of work that’s taking place to co-ordinate the regeneration and continued health of the town centre.

“I look forward to what promises to be an interesting debate.”

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