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We have developed our Local Development Plan (LDP) which is a long term land use and development plan that looks at what can be built and where it can be built. It will be used for housing, employment and other land uses such as leisure or education. The LDP will run to 2028.

At the moment this plan is out to public consultation and we’d like you to take part and let us know what you think. It’s an important document and it may affect you in the future so at the very least it’s worth taking a look at what could happen in or around where you live.

“Plenty of time to have your say”

The consultation will go on until May 31 and there’s still plenty of time to have your say. It could be that you object for the field opposite you which is proposed to be allocated for housing or other uses or that you object that an area isn’t allocated for housing or other uses but is to remain as open space.


It will set out policies and proposals that will be used to decide planning applications and makes provision for the protection of historic assets, the natural environment and culture, the welsh language, renewable energy, greenspace and shopping areas within the County Borough

To take part please visit the LDP website here

“Submitted to Welsh Government”

Once the consultation is finished we’ll take a look at what has been suggested/proposed or objected to and a final policy, including the representations made, will be submitted by council to the Welsh Government in November this year.

The Welsh Government will independently see how sound and sustainable the plan is and will report back to the council. If all goes to schedule the plan should come into effect in the spring of 2019 and will be monitored annually.


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