Bowlen menyn yn Oriel Wrecsam

Are businesses in Wrexham making the best use of the Welsh language? Could they build up stronger links with their customers through using Welsh?

Wrexham Council is carrying out a survey, open to businesses across the county borough, to see what use they’re making of the Welsh language, and whether or not they want further Welsh language training.

Once the survey is complete, the council will look to introduce a ‘Supporting the Welsh language’ scheme, which would recognise businesses keen to back the Welsh language.


Build your links with Welsh-speaking customers

Welsh can be a useful benefit to small businesses trading at a local level, as offering a bilingual service improves the quality of their customer service and can help to build all-important customer loyalty.

Nigel Jones, of ME Evans Ltd Butchers, which trades in the Butchers Market on the High Street, has already seen the plusses of having a Welsh speaker on his team.

Mr Jones said: “I’ve got one Welsh-speaking member of staff who works on Saturdays, and we have Welsh-speaking customers who will come in on Saturday to speak specifically to that member of staff – and orders will go up as a result.”

Welsh is an “untapped resource”

Cllr Hugh Jones, Lead Member for Communities, Partnerships, Public Protection and Community Safety, said: “For a lot of businesses, the Welsh language could be an untapped resource which would help them build stronger links with their customers.

“As Mr Jones of ME Evans Ltd noted, some businesses will see an increase in takings thanks to the strong links built by Welsh-speaking staff with Welsh-speaking customers.

“And other businesses make good use of the Welsh language in helping to construct their local brand – especially if they make use of produce sourced in Wales.

“Others have expressed interest in providing staff with some basic Welsh language training in order to greet customers in their native language.

“As part of our commitment to seeing use of the Welsh language increase in Wrexham, we want to see if we can help as many businesses as possible engage with their customers in Welsh.

“I would encourage any business owners interested to take part in the survey.”

For more information, fill out the survey here.