Earlier this week, 16 year olds Katie and Scarlet, told us why they feel voting is so important.

But if it’s your first time voting – whatever your age – it can be a daunting.

This time, we asked Katie and Scarlett how they would decide who to vote for and where they would go to do their research.

WCBC: “Have you been able to find out who is standing in your ward and the differences between them?”

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Katie: “Yes I have, and I have had the opportunity to ask them candidates questions on why I should vote for them and what they will offer my ward and community and how they are going to ensure that they do everything in their power to keep to that.”

Scarlett: “Yes, there are four standing candidates and I have used information available through social media, websites such, and through leaflets posted by candidates.”

WCBC: “How will you make the decision about who to vote for?”

Katie: “I will make my decision on who to vote for based on what each candidate is offering and which one best aligns with what I would like to see happen in my ward.”

Scarlett: “Through reading the manifestos and information available I have the opportunity to compare the different policies and promises of standing candidates from opposing parties and make an informed decision based on this.”

WCBC: “Finally, if anyone wants to find out more about voting, or who to vote for, what would you recommend they do?”

Scarlett: “There are many ways to find out more about voting. Firstly, you could contact the local electoral office for more information on how to vote. The UK Government website also provides lots of useful information on elections.”

Katie: “I’d recommend looking on the Council website for their candidates names and contact information and contacting them, asking them questions on what they will do if they are elected.”

Ian Bancroft, returning officer for Wrexham County Borough Council, said: “I would like to thank Katie and Scarlett for sharing their thoughts with us; voting is a huge milestone in the lives of first time voters. I encourage as many of you as possible to come to the polls on May 5 as it is so important for us all to use our democratic right to vote.”

When you vote for the first time, there are probably lots of things that you don’t know so keep an eye on our blog for further information about how to vote at the polling station.

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