There’s only a few days left to have your say on our plans to be a carbon neutral organisation.

We’re consulting on our “Decarbonisation Action Plan” which shows not only what we’ve achieved so far but what we’re planning for the future and we’d really like to hear your views.

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The Plan concentrates on four areas:

  • Buildings
  • Transport and Mobility
  • Land Use
  • Procurement (how we get our goods and services)

As well as highlighting the works we have already done in these important areas it also gives details on what we propose to do in the coming months and years in each of the four areas:


  • LED lighting upgrades
  • Heat Pump technology for Large Buildings
  • PV installations and battery storage across our schools, offices and community centres
  • Sustainable and low carbon refurbishment of our offices and schools
  • Incorporation of smart and innovative technologies within our building portfolio

Transport and Mobility

  • Further expansion of our fleet of electric vehicles
  • Continue the expansion of our charging network, and adapt to the growing demand from electric car drivers. Create more charging hubs across the County Borough.

Land Use

  • Investigate sites for tree planting schemes across the County Borough
  • Progress on large scale renewable installation, incorporating innovative technologies


  • A Procurement Platform. To ensure a robust, transparent and defendable solution for the evaluation of ‘social value’ offers made by bidders against key council priorities.
  • Contract Management. A contract management tool used to manage the delivery of contracts and the associated social value commitments associated with them.
  • A solution to reporting the delivery of Social Value at a project, department and overall Council level. This to include access to both non-financial data (e.g. number of carbon initiatives) and financial data (e.g. £ value generated from carbon reduction)

Cllr David A Bithell, Lead Member for Transport and Environment, said: “Almost 500 people have had their say but we would love to hear from even more. Our environment and climate change is something that affects us all and will affect the future we leave for our young people. We want that future to be far more carbon friendly than it is at the moment. We’ve already done a lot but there’ plenty more we can do in order to become carbon neutral into the future.

The consultation only takes a few minutes to fill in but will help us to finalise an Action Plan that is sustainable and efficient in order to provide a different Wrexham for our young people.”

You can take part in the consultation here.

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