Sadly we have had to take the decision to fell one of the most prominent trees in the Town Centre.

The Horse Chestnut Tree inside the Jubilee Garden, by Wrexham Library entrance is badly decayed and at increased risk of snapping or being uprooted in high winds.

The works to the tree, which is protected by a Tree Preservation Order, have been approved by the Planning Department and will be carried out over two Sundays to limit any disruption to those visiting and working nearby.


We have previously pruned the tree to reduce the risk of it falling and to extend the time before the felling of the tree became necessary.

The tree has been monitored over several years and the decision to fell the tree has been taken in the interests of safety.

A new tree has been planted on the green this winter and a further replacement tree will be planted next winter.

Cllr David Bithell, lead member for Environment and Transport said – “ It’s a real shame to have to remove a mature tree like this but the Chestnut tree is rotten and starting to die, the tree has been assessed over several years by our own officers and independent consultants. The decision hasn’t been taken lightly but it’s important that we deal with such a tree that is in poor condition, in an area which is very heavily used by pedestrians.”

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