From the moment I made contact I have been 100% supported by the fostering team in Wrexham.” Alison, Foster Carer with Wrexham Council

Have you ever thought about becoming a foster carer?

Did you know that we offer loads of support to all Wrexham Council foster carers? This support includes:

    • Regular visits
    • Advice and guidance from a supervising support worker
    • Support from other foster carers
    • Regular newsletter and coffee catch up support groups
    • Training and resource to increase knowledge and understanding
    • Advice and strategies from multi agency professionals to help achieve the best outcomes for children and young people

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To ease any financial strains, we also offer the following financial support:

  • Allowance to cover the cost of looking after a child
  • Skills payments
  • 75% reduction in your council tax
  • Max cards for foster carers for discounts on a number of activities
  • Leisure offers for children
  • Annual celebrations for foster carers, children and young people

Foster carers create safe and nurturing homes for children and young people and in Wrexham we need more people to show an interest.

Have you ever considered fostering a child or a young person?

If so, Wrexham Fostering Service would like to hear from you. They are looking for potential foster carers who are committed to children and young people of all ages. It’s so important to keep children in their local area to ensure continuity with family, friends and schools.

Help us to keep local children safe in Wrexham by providing a loving, secure home.

More Information

Please contact Wrexham Fostering Service and ask to speak to the Recruitment Officer

01978295316 or email

You can also find more information about fostering and the process to become a foster carer on our website:


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