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Small changes can make a huge difference and can help to reduce the anxiety for individuals with autism and help them to have a positive experience when visiting businesses and services.

The Autism Aware Certification scheme is aimed at everyone who wishes to gain a greater awareness and understanding of autism. After completing the training, you will receive a personalised certificate to download. 

You can access the free, online autism awareness training here

The training demonstrates how making small changes can reduce the anxiety for individuals who live with autism and help them feel more included in their community. The autism training, which has been developed by the Integrated Autism Service, supports the new Autism Code of Practice.

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Lots of businesses and organisations across Wrexham have already undertaken the training. All of Wrexham’s libraries are Autism Aware and staff have completed the training. Here are some thoughts and examples of other Wrexham businesses who have completed the training:

“We did the autism awareness training in our barbershop. Having a granddaughter who is autistic I wanted to help make haircuts a little easier for autistic children and their parents, even if it is just having a little more understanding and patience.” Blades Gents Barbers

“Here at BNI North Wales, we support the inclusion of neurodiversity. We have completed the Autism Awareness Training and feel more equipped to support individuals in business who identify as being autistic. We now have a wider understanding of the unique needs of those on the spectrum and are prepared to provide a welcoming and comfortable environment for all. BNI is a global, professional business network offering a variety of services to scale local businesses. We understand that everyone is different and therefore has different support needs. We have a multitude of training, mentoring, and support for small businesses within the North Wales area which include how to generate business by word of mouth. We believe that we are a safe and supportive environment for those within a business who need the support, development, and connected environment needed to thrive, not just survive.” BNI – Executive Director – Jennifer Hardman

All staff at Yellow & Blue are currently completing the Autism Awareness Training and will soon become an Autism Aware organisation. Y&B are also loaning the Autism Awareness VR Headsets from WCBC and these will be readily available along with sensory items in a specially created sensory area within the Hub (once completed).

These are just a few reflections and examples of how local businesses are making changes to help people who live with autism feel more comfortable in their local community.

If this has inspired you to make a change, you can access the free training.

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