Staff and pupils at Acton Park Primary School have lots to celebrate following a successful follow-up Estyn Inspection report. The report sees the school removed from a list requiring significant improvement.

In the report, the inspector says: “Acton Park Primary School is judged to have made sufficient progress in relation to the recommendations following the most recent core inspection.

As a result, Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Education and Training in Wales is removing the school from the list of schools requiring significant improvement.”


The report has noted strong improvements in the following areas:

• The introduction of a range of new teaching techniques has had a positive impact on the writing skills of most pupils.
• Across the school, many pupils have developed their ability to work independently on their own, in pairs and in groups.
• The introduction of ‘tracked books’ has been particularly effective. In each class, teachers assess and review the work of a small group of identified pupils over time to assist with standardising teacher assessment across the school
• Staff and leadership meetings focus well on the recommendations from the core inspection and have clear outcomes.
• Governors link with specific recommendations arising from the core inspection report. They meet with the staff responsible for each of these areas on a regular basis to develop their understanding of the progress the school is making.
• Since the core inspection, staff have received a range of valuable professional learning opportunities to improve their knowledge and understanding of how to develop pupils’ literacy and numeracy skills effectively across the curriculum.

“Hard work and dedication”

Mr. Peter Cuff, chair of governors, spoke on behalf of the school and said; “Our children, parents, staff and governors have all been involved in our school improvement. Knowing that it was not a marginal decision to remove Acton Park from the list of schools requiring significant improvement is testament to the hard work and dedication of all involved. There is lots to celebrate and, whilst we will continue on our journey to ensure the very best learning opportunities for our children, we are very pleased that Estyn feel that we clearly have the capacity to do so”.

Cllr Phil Wynn, lead member for education, said: “Congratulations are due to all staff, pupils and governors for their efforts in ensuring the school has delivered against Estyn’s recommendations by the time of the second inspection. The reinvigorated working of staff and governors, which I have observed first-hand over the last eighteen months, provides me with confidence that the school will continue to flourish”.

Ian Roberts, head of education at Wrexham Council, congratulated the school for its “excellent outcome” following the Estyn visit and praised everyone for their “effort, commitment and dedication.”

The closing date for 2019 nursery school applications is February 22