Diverse Together

Guest article: The North East Wales Regional Cohesion Team

To help our local communities stay connected, and make sure everyone feels welcome and included, you can take part in Diverse Together!

The North East Wales Regional Cohesion Team is hosting two Zoom sessions in February and March – service providers, community members and representatives are all welcome to attend.

On February 25th:

• Join a conversation about how we can support people from diverse backgrounds in Wrexham, Flintshire & Denbighshire to connect and discover common values
• Listen to lived experiences within our diverse communities
• Join special guest poet Natasha Borton for fun creative activities – a little inspiration to share your own experience?
• Meet local filmmaker Rob Corcoran, and find out how you can add a positive message to the Diverse Together community film!

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On March 4th:

• Let’s keep the conversation going! Join us again as we take the best ideas from Session One, and start planning ahead: how can we carry on making diverse connections in 2021?
• Make contacts and share ideas for future community projects in North East Wales
• Feedback and support from Rob and Natasha to finish, record and share your creative projects. Add your voice to Diverse Together!

As our communities continue to struggle in isolation, now is the time to remind each other that we are still together even when we are apart – and that our community spirit is strengthened when we all feel welcome, included and involved.

To join us on Zoom, request a booking form from onewrexham@wrexham.gov.uk

See you soon!

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