Stay safe

You’ll want to pay attention to this advice from Wrexham Trading Standards:

If you’re going to make one change this new year, make it one that impacts on your finances and home safety.

When we’re in our own homes, we have a sense of security that criminals may choose to prey upon. These criminals can operate at the end of a telephone call, by way of letter through the post, an email to your computer, a text to your phone, a leaflet through your letterbox, or by a knock at the door.

Criminals under any of these guises are after one thing – your money.


The money you’ve worked hard to earn. The money you’ve set aside for a rainy day, a holiday, or perhaps treats for the grandkids. These criminals haven’t earnt the right to be entitled to any part of your money…but it won’t stop them trying.

Every time someone wants your card details, or for you to sign up to something you don’t want/need; stop and take five. Never agree to anything in your own home without taking time out to consider it first, or speak to a family member or friend. It’s very cliché, but use the ‘trust no-one’ approach and question everything.

By remembering that we didn’t ask for the phone call, or the knock on the door, and then politely declining; we’ve dealt with it. We’ve stopped the criminal in their tracks. We’ve protected ourselves in our home. We’ve kept our money safe.

Remember, legitimate businesses and trusted local traders often don’t cold call and they won’t ask for cash up front.

Wrexham Trading Standards work in partnership with North Wales Police to ensure you’re kept safe.

If you want to report something you think is suspicious, you can also contact either Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline on 0808 223 1133 or North Wales Police on 101.

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