Dual Carriageway

We’re continuing our general repairs and environmental works on parts of our dual carriageway network and residents and road users in the areas affected are advised that there will be disruption whilst the works take place.

To allow the works to take place safely there will be lane closures.

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All the works will take place in August:

August 2 – J3 Croesfoel Interchange to J2 Johnstown Interchange – Lane 1 (Including J3 southbound on slip/J3 northbound off slip/J2 southbound off slip/J2 northbound on slip – under full closures)

August 3 – J2 Johnstown Interchange to J1 Ruabon Interchange – Lane 1 (Including J2 southbound on slip/J2 northbound off slip/J1 southbound off slip, A539 L1 and J1 northbound on slip – under full closures)

August 4 – J1 Ruabon Interchange to Halton Roundabout – North and South full closure (Including J1 SB on slip/J1 NB off slip)

August 5 – Halton Roundabout to Gledrid Roundabout – North and South (Full Closure)

August 6 – J3 Croesfoel Interchange to J1 Ruabon Interchange Lane 2n

Cllr David A Bithell, Lead Member for the Environment and Transport, said, “During the summer we come under huge pressure to keep the verges and roundabouts clear but we have to be mindful of the ecological value of each verge and roundabout. This is why we only cut them when we are certain the wildlife has had the full benefit from the seasonal growth.

“The works will cause some disruption to motorists and we ask drivers to plan more time into their journey to allow for this.”

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